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More Than Words Book – 2nd Edition


More than Words – Guidebook – 2nd Edition – (Sussman, 2012)
ISBN: 0-921145-41-7, 424pp., Full-colour illustrations

You Make the Difference – Chinese – (Manolson, Ward & Dodington, 1995) ISBN: 0-921145-13-6, 90pp., Black & white and full-colour illustrations


You Make the Difference – Chinese – (Manolson, Ward & Dodington, 1995)
ISBN: 0-921145-13-6, 90pp., Black & white and full-colour illustrations

À vous de jouer (Guidebook) – (You Make The Difference -Book – French)


À vous de jouer (Guidebook) – (French translation of You Make The Difference®, Manolson, Ward & Dodington, 1995)

ABC and Beyond


Building Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Settings.

ABC Poster – Build Letter-Sound Knowledge


ABC Poster – Build Letter-Sound Knowledge – Letter-sound knowledge (the ability to match letters to sounds) is key for enabling young children to “break the code” of written language and learn to read and write.

ABC Poster Set of Seven posters


Set of 7 ABC & beyond Posters

As helpful reminders of the guidebook’s key strategies, ABC and Beyond posters may be posted in classrooms, child care centres, libraries or staff rooms.   Each poster uses a simple acronym to outline the steps in the strategy so that educators may quickly and easily refer to it during book reading and conversations.
Poster size: 11″ x 17″

ABC Poster – Build Phonological Awareness


ABC Poster – Build Phonological Awareness – Phonological awareness (the understanding of different ways that oral or spoken language can be broken down into smaller components) has been found to be the strongest predictor of children’s reading and spelling abilities.

ABC Poster – Expand Story Understanding


ABC Poster – Expand Story Understanding – A large part of understanding stories involves understanding the underlying structure that supports them:

ABC Poster – Foster Print Knowledge


Just being exposed to the printed word is not enough for children to develop print knowledge. If children are to learn that it”s the print, not the illustrations, that tells the story, or that letters of the alphabet have names, then adults must draw their attention to how print functions.

Poater size: 11″ x 17″

ABC Poster – Make New Words Sparkle


When using book reading to help children learn new vocabulary, educators must make new words stand out so that the children attend to and remember them and, in time, use them on their own.

This poster reminds you of a key strategy from ABC and Beyond, “Shoot for the SSTaRS”, which gives you practical advice for highlighting and deepening children’s understanding of new words.

ABC Poster – Turn Book Reading Into a Conversation


Building conversation into book reading involves using very practical strategies to include all children.

The poster offers a reminder of four helpful strategies from the ABC and Beyond guidebook for successfully turning book reading into a conversation: Observe ,Wait and Listen, Follow the Children’s Lead, Strive for 5 Turns, and SSCAN to Keep Every Child Engaged.
Poster size: 11″ x 17″

Allow me


Allow me – Book – This beautifully illustrated book describes the many interactive strategies that help adults with developmental disorders engage in communication during daily routines, leisure activities and in vocational contexts.

Hanen Introductory DVD


This DVD is an introduction to The Hanen Centre as well as three of our Programs:

I’m Ready


Based on the most current research in emergent literacy, the I’m Ready!guidebook shows parents how they can build the critical early literacy skills that prepare young children for success in school

It Takes Two to Talk Combo – Book & DVD


The It Takes Two to Talk® guidebook (Version 5 2017)and companion DVD offer a comprehensive, step-by-step learning experience for parents of children with language delays.

Written in simple language and filled with colourful illustrations, the 171-page guidebook shows parents how to help their child communicate and learn language during everyday activities like mealtime, bath time, playtime and book reading.

Each chapter of the It Takes Two to Talk guidebook has a corresponding section on the DVD where you can watch real-life examples of parents using the strategies with their children. Video examples include children at each stage of early language development, from those who communicate non-verbally to those who have begun to use short sentences. This makes it easy for you to “see” your child on the DVD, allowing you to quickly verify that you’re using the strategies correctly.

It Takes Two to Talk – Parents Brochure